How it all began [From Polymer Clay to Resin]

Have you ever felt alone? Perhaps Different or Odd?

I, too, at some point in my life believed I was always the odd one whenever I was doing a creative activity with my peers. I really wanted to do what the other kids were doing, but it was difficult to fake it. 

I can recall a lesson where we were all asked to draw an apple, and mine ended up looking completely different from the others. At this point, I had started to realise how I loved standing out from the crowd. 

Ever since I was a toddler, I have always loved jewellery and fashion. In my teens, I would pick up different pieces of jewellery from charity shops and then take them apart, so I could mix and match them into new designs.

As I grew older I really wanted to explore a journey of happiness and fulfilment, so I started making earrings from scratch and wearing them.

I started learning how to design handmade earrings with polymer clay and went on to designing our current collection with Resin.  

I hope you enjoy this blog and I'll be back for more insights. 

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