Know Your Style - Say NO to Trends

Today the word “style” has different meanings, connotations, and representation to different people. Wouldn't you agree? It has often been confused with “Being Trendy” and as such has been a turn off for the average man and woman.

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It is easy to forget that being stylish has a social, emotional and psychological impact in a community. Whereas, trendiness has been the cause of reduced interests in style by numerous individual. The popular opinion is, why invest in something that changes rapidly? And this line of thought leads to a decline in style appreciation.

Style VS Trend

Being trendy is totally different from style and thus should be avoided as much as possible. Trends are as a result of personal style that has popular appeal. Fashion elites have been the backbone to numerous trends, trying to control the way people dress terming it the new “cool”.

Style on its own is something personal, and cannot be controlled by what we see or hear, but by our own choices.

Personal style is as a result of an attachment to a certain item and the urge to show off our beauty in a unique way with that item.

Your personal style makes you unique and is a form of expression of your inner and outer beauty. Forget about trends, and base your style on clothes and items that interest you and truly show who you are.

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Personal style also has guidelines to follow so you can be able to showcase your beauty properly. The act of buying or tweaking trends will defeat the whole purpose of being unique and would lead to buying things that don’t suit your style or taste just because society demands it.

Rather, buying items that are by default your style will make you happier and satisfied with your choices. Another thing to consider is the fact that trends change constantly, and this would leave a clutter of unused clothes making your wardrobe in no way sustainable.

How to Identify your Style?

You can get to know your own style by matching your personal style with your lifestyle and goals. Also being authentic and following your instincts would help you be true to yourself when perfecting your style.

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When discovering your style it is also important to pay attention to interesting things that can never be boring in your eyes. This includes: interesting patterns, new materials, asymmetrical silhouettes, unusual colours ought to be considered.

At the end of the day staying through to your style and taste will help you avoid trends and build your confidence and belief in your personal style.


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