The Importance of Quality over Quantity in Fashion

Quality over quantity has become a household phrase in many parts of the world. This phrase has different meanings for different people.

However, the general consensus is that quantity doesn’t guarantee happiness and that having a lot of things can most times be a bad thing.  

People these days seem to be attached too much to friends, clothes and gadgets, all in their search for happiness and fulfillment.

But research has shown that it doesn’t matter the number of things you have, but what really contributes to fulfillment is the quality of things you have in your possession.

A key indicator is a value of what we have and whether it is necessary, productive and lasting.  

Items of low quality have less fabric content, less durability and poor designs. As obvious as it is, better quality items last longer and require little to no replacement.

Let’s see some reasons why quality items are more important than quantity.

  • Sustainability

  • A lasting quality product would always be preferable to having lots of products that can disappoint over time.

    Same can be applied to our life as being sustainable would help economize by buying products that can last and still be resold with no issues encountered.

  • Fewer Expenditures

  • This would be an additional benefit of buying quality things. 

    A Reduction in shopping for new items would also lead to a reduction in expenditures. This is perfect for prudent people and also those who do not enjoy shopping.

  • Increases Appreciation For Things

    Shopping for a quality item requires being detail oriented and also avoiding the normal instinct to buy the first attractive item you see. Also, the fact that quality items cost more would motivate you to handle it with care and appreciate its value more.

  • Saves Wardrobe Space

  • Buying fewer items is also a good idea when considering the clutter that might occur from a purchase of unnecessary items. Choosing quality over quantity would help give space for essential items that would last longer than filling it with items that would spoil in a short time.

  • Affordability

  • This is also necessary when considering quality items. Affordability, in the long run, would help you buy a quality item once than continuous buying of clothes which wear and tear leaving you a bad credit score.

  • Increases Self-Love

  • Taking care of yourself includes giving yourself a treat and buying things that would make you feel happy and satisfied. Quality items can help you appreciate yourself better, knowing fully well that you can make wise decisions can be a big confidence boost.

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