Who says you cannot be simple and elegant at the same time. 

Here at NNOTHU, we are passionate about designing earrings that are simple and can add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

The NNOTHU woman is confident, passionate and loves to keep it simple. Our earring designs are inspired by conceptual art and architectural landscape. 

Made by hand, each pair of earrings has its own uniqueness. Our collection(s) range from classic designs that can suit every need, style and personality to graphically shaped design created to spread some fun.

Our art is culturally diverse, globally influenced, and combines methods, materials and concepts which defy easy definition and deciphering. We love making high-quality statement earrings that display the true definition of uniqueness with distinct, luxurious and endearing styles to compliment it.

Combined with contemporary skill, technique and expertise, NNOTHU is the perfect choice for simple and elegant handmade earrings. We bring out the uniqueness in you. Every single piece is created to be cherished to its complexity in service as it speaks out its personality and character.


Nothando "Naz" Osondu is a talented UK jewellery designer with a profound passion for conceptual art and modern architecture. Residing in Birmingham with her husband, Naz is looking to build a new fashion brand that promotes simplicity.

Following a number of positive feedbacks and the growing demands from a close network, Naz has decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign to a wide audience that loves the message of simplicity and elegance preached through the brand.

This campaign will provide proof of concept to ensure our potential customers have the best product and service that we can offer.